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Welcome to BANDIDO'S TULUM, The new Mexican Cuisine

Bandido’s Tulum Restaurant proudly brings to Bolton the best of Mexican cuisine, created with fresh ingredients to satisfy all genuine foodies who seek to taste traditional dishes from different countries. Fresh ingredients such as avocado, fruits, sea food, chilies and corn are exported directly from Mexico to your tables in a dance of flavors that will experience every corner of Mexico.

Our restaurant fuses the old with the contemporary Mexico, exalts the colorfulness of our flora with its extensive variety of flowers, the minerals and materials extracted from the jungles and forests of Mexico’s magnificent territory.

We have adapted beautiful elements of Mexican craftsmanship into stylized and comfortable recreation spaces for guest of all ages.

Bandido’s Tulum has been created as a family destination, with amenities and varied menu for children. We have adapted a dazzling playground and care space to entertain the little ones while you enjoy a pleasant meal

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